Heritage   one of the signs of a great society is the diligence with which it passes culture from one generation to the next. The culture is the embodiment of everything the people of that society hold dear: its religious faith, its heroes  When one generation no longer esteems its own heritage and fails to pass the torch to its children, it is saying in essence that the very foundational principles and experiences that make the society what it is are no longer valid. This leaves that generation without any sense of definition or direction, making them the fulfilment of Karl Marx’s dictum, “A people without a heritage are easily persuaded”.


Sir Winston Churchill

New Zealand based Heritage Futures International specializes in partnering with and encouraging nations, communities, Indigenous peoples, non-government organizations, business, the tourism industry, private investors, and municipal, provincial and federal governments to utilise all dimensions of their heritage, culture, and the arts to promote social cohesion, the encouragement of diversity and innovation, creative thinking, environmental sustainability, and economic growth. Staff and associates bring expertise from a wide range of fields and are selected from across the globe in order to pull together world-class teams to work on specific projects.


The companies beliefs incorporate;


1. All human beings regardless of color, creed, or origin are born free and equal in dignity and rights;


2. Societies are held together from generation to generation by the shared values & traditions that comprise heritage;


3.Building and nourishing relationships is at the core of building healthy and inclusive communities;    


4. Cultural sites, museums,  and monuments  can act as potent symbols of a united past that cross ethnic, tribal, linguistic, or cultural lines and can be used as  common denominators to (re)unify people & promote reconciliation in post-conflict environments;


5. Civilizations thrive when the wisdom and legacy each generation receives from its ancestors is passed on to their young people; and,


6. Lasting positive community change originates within, and local residents are the best experts on activating that change.


The company facilitates ‘bottom-up’ rather than ‘top-down’ community and economic development programs, projects, and initiatives, with the goals being; improved incomes and services; politics, law, and governance that is ethical and works for the common good of all citizens; stronger local economies that genuinely serve society; heritage preserved, increases in the number and quality of jobs; and, enhanced quality of life for residents.